Parents as Teachers Tribal Maternal Home Visiting Program

Parents as Teachers uniquely addresses the distinct challenges facing American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) families by leveraging strengths of their communities. Our tribal affiliate programs are culturally specific, locally implemented and use community-based paraprofessionals, which support the local workforce development. The program honors cultural heritages, tribal teachings, practices, traditions, values, beliefs and incorporates diverse cultural strengths and language into every personal visit. Each Parents as Teachers tribal affiliate works with their tribal elders and leaders when starting-up and implementing a program. Programs are operated by Native staff and organizations. The PAT model program is often enhanced to use Native language, incorporating traditional arts crafts, storytelling and connecting families to tribal events.



FACE is a partnership between the federal Bureau of Indian Education, the National Center for Families Learning and Parents as Teachers National Center. FACE is a unique family program for American Indian families that matches highly trained, local, Native, professionals with families from pregnancy through their children’s first years of life. Starting as early as pregnancy, FACE parent educators help assess family needs and community resources available to them, partner with parents to provide necessary tools to ensure the safety and the emotional and physical well-being of their children, connect families to community programs and resources that enhance stability. When children are age four, families in the program transition from Parents as Teachers home visiting and receive support via center-based care for their children to bolster family-school-community connections. Parents in the program also receive family literacy support to help families set goals and thrive in their own education and careers, long after the program ends.