Impacting Families Worldwide

The Parents as Teachers model is grounded in research-based curricula. We invest significant time and resources each year to validate our work and give families full confidence in our ability to impact their lives.

Studies & Findings

For more than 30 years, our evidence-based model has been the subject of numerous peer-reviewed studies. Together, these studies demonstrate incredible outcomes for caregivers and children: better health, more quality time together and a strong foundation of academic readiness.
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Research proves that Parents as Teachers:

  • Fosters early detection of children’s developmental delays and health concerns
  • Helps more children be immunized and receive well-child visits
  • Helps children show better adaptive behavior, self-control, and mental health
  • Prepares children for kindergarten and beyond
  • Improves parenting knowledge and skills
  • Reduces child abuse and neglect
  • Reduces childhood obesity and improves overall health

Ongoing Resources

Parents as Teachers is proud to publish free online resources for caregivers and family engagement professionals. Resources typically cover emerging topics in parenting techniques, childhood development and academic readiness.
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