Family Engagement Professionals

Partners In Success

Whether you are working in a community agency, early childhood setting, school, or health center, parenting education and support is an important part of engaging families and the health and development of children. Parents as Teachers has designed resources to inform and enhance the services that you provide to families.

Some of the amazing professionals who are utilizing the Parents as Teachers model, training and curricula include:

  • home visitors
  • community health workers and nurses
  • social workers and school counselors
  • early interventionists
  • early care and education professionals
  • child development specialists

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The Parents as Teachers Fit

Implementing the Parents as Teachers model is a method of delivering parenting education and family support within the context of strengths-based relationships. The model and core curricula focus on developing relationships within the context of exploring parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting, and family well-being. In partnership with families, Parent Educators aim to build protective factors and enhance strengths, capabilities, and skills. Programs that adopt the Parents as Teachers model (also called affiliates), are designed to serve a variety of families, not just first-time parents. Families enrolled include families across the developmental continuum from prenatal to kindergarten entry, teen parents, families with multiple children, and families across vast geographic regions.

How Parents as Teachers Partners With States

Parents as Teachers goes the extra mile to provide what affiliates need. From initial preparation to ongoing guidance to reach state goals, we ensure families get the support they need for child success. Parents as Teachers also provides support for MIECHV state leads and LIAs (local implementing agencies) including use of a robust data system, Penelope, to manage MIECHV specific data.

Comprehensive Support

  • 22 State Offices
  • 2 Regional Implementation Support Specialists
  • 10 National Office Implementation Support Specialists
  • Leadership Staff Dedicated to MIECHV
  • 4 Penelope Customer Support Specialists

Family Engagement Professionals

Our affiliates employ around 10,000 professionals called Family Engagement Professionals who are highly educated and work directly with families through home visits.

  • More than half have bachelor’s degrees
  • About 15% have advanced degrees
  • All receive ongoing professional development and meet annual recertification requirements
  • More than two-thirds are employed full-time
  • About 20% are bilingual


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