Heroes At Home: Supporting Military Families

Heroes At Home: Supporting Military Families

Available as a digital download, this curriculum is a collection of professional resources and parent handouts designed specifically for family support professionals serving active duty, National Guard, Reserve, and former service members. These resources in areas such as relocation, parenting during deployment, and trauma and loss can be used in both group settings and in personal visits.

Over 40 activities promote engagement. Along with parent-child activity pages, parent activity pages address the unique social-emotional and pragmatic needs of the military parent—whether an at-home partner or a service member. They include guided reflections that heighten awareness around emotional states and support parents in discovering healthy ways to manage stress.

Through the use of these materials, professionals will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the cultures that surround military life.
  • Explore families’ everyday experiences—both positive and challenging—and their impacts on child development and parenting behaviors.
  • Learn about the considerations for providing services that fit the unique needs of these families.

Download the Curriculum Table of Contents here