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End Period Poverty Donation Drive

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In celebration of our 35th Anniversary, and in conjunction with the 2019 Annual International Conference, Parents as Teachers is giving back to the community in a BIG WAY!

On September 11, Parents as Teachers National Center launched a donation drive to support the St. Louis Alliance for Period Supplies initiative through the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank.

This initiative helps ensure that individuals in need—including the moms served by Parents as Teachers National Center—have access to essential period products required to fully participate in daily life with dignity and works to raise awareness about the cause and consequence of “period poverty” in our community.


With this drive in recognition of our 35th Anniversary, Parents as Teachers National Center plans to raise funds to provide 35,000 period products for those in need. 

Individuals can donate online at various levels from buying a first period kit to providing Period Products for an entire year. Choose the level of impact you would like to make by making a donation using the link at the top of this page.

Those attending the 2019 Parents as Teachers International Conference will have the opportunity on Wednesday, October 16 to assemble Hygiene Kits on the 4th Floor in the foyer area outside the Grand Ballroom, at the St. Louis Hyatt Regency at the Arch. The kits will be distributed to individuals in the region in need of these products. 

What is period poverty? 

Period poverty—or the lack of access to an adequate supply of menstrual products like pads or tampons—is an indignity experienced by thousands of individuals in the St. Louis region and beyond, on a regular basis. From those anticipating their first period to folks anxiously awaiting the onset of menopause, more than one in five low-income women in St. Louis report facing this problem every month. In the absence of the period supplies they need, many use inferior or unhealthy alternatives like socks, rags, even the diapers they need for their children and may face missed days of work or school. 


$6 First Period Kit 

Help a first-time menstruator prepare for their first period with enough products to manage that initial cycle along with information about healthy period management and some important self-care goodies.

$12 Monthly Period Kit 

Provides all the products a menstruator needs to fully manage a monthly cycle.

$25 Reusable Kit

Provide a menstruator with a menstrual cup and/or enough reusable menstrual pads to manage periods for an entire year. 

$50 Menstrual Products for one school bathroom

Support a school in providing menstrual products free of charge to students in one restroom in the school building. 

$100 Menstrual Products for a school building

Support a school in providing menstrual products free of charge to students in every restroom in a school building. 

$150 Period Products for a year

Ten percent of low-income women in St. Louis struggle with access to period products each, and every, month. Help ensure that for one whole year they do not have to worry about how to manage their period by providing a year's worth of monthly period kits. 

$250 Period Education and First Period Kits for fourth/fifth graders

Help make it possible for fourth and fifth grade students in partner districts to receive culturally competent and relevant education about menstruation and healthy management of periods along with first-period kits to help them welcome the arrival of their first cycle instead of dreading it. 

$500 Reusable Products for a lifetime


Your donation of any amount will go a long way towards helping us meet our goal of providing 35,000 period products to those in need. Whether you can give more, less or anywhere in-between the suggested amounts above, just chose the “other” option on the payment form and type in your donation amount.