Interactions Across Abilities – Curriculum and Training

Ordering Information:  Training

Ordering Information: Training

Interactions Across Abilities: Supporting Families Of Children With Special Needs is a curriculum for professionals in the field of early childhood who support parents and help children receive the services they may require to reach their full potential.

Consider using this curriculum if you:

  • Visit families in their homes

  • Provide care and education for children in a child care, preschool, or elementary school setting

  • Provide early intervention services to children with have a diagnosis


About the Curriculum

This curriculum offers:

  • Ways to strengthen the parent-child interaction and promote development through play.

  • Strategies for making adaptations that increase a child’s participation in preferred activities, daily routines and interactions.

  • Techniques to effectively communicate and collaborate with other practitioners and caregivers.

  • Information on diagnoses, conditions, and disabilities.

  • Guidance on recognizing and responding to developmental red flags.

  • Updates on early intervention law and how and when to make a referral.

The curriculum is divided into 13 sections:

  1. Introduction, Terminology, and Resources

  2. Promoting Development and Recognizing Red Flags

  3. Diagnosis-Related Basics

  4. Service Continuum

  5. Parenting Behaviors – Nurturing

  6. Parenting Behaviors – Designing /Guiding

  7. Parenting Behaviors – Responding

  8. Parenting Behaviors – Communicating

  9. Parenting Behaviors – Supporting Learning

  10. Parent-Child Interaction Activity Pages

  11. Adaptations and Assistive Technology

  12. Parent- Professional Relationships

  13. Conditions, Disorders, and Disabilities


About the training

The Interactions Across Abilities training will enhance the curriculum by providing:

  • An overview of the curriculum and how to use it to enhance current practice.

  • A look at numerous additional resources.

  • An understanding of the various roles of service providers.

  • An opportunity to network with others.

  • Practice in nurturing the attachment relationship between the child and caregiver by recognizing and responding to positive parenting behaviors, sharing sensitive information with families, adapting activities and toys, and walking with families through the referral process.

This training offers 13 professional development hours.


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