Parents as Teachers builds strong communities, thriving families and children that are healthy, safe and ready to learn by matching parents and caregivers with trained professionals who make regular personal home visits during a child’s earliest years in life, from prenatal through kindergarten.



All children will develop, learn and grow to realize their full potential.


Parents as Teachers promotes the optimal early development, learning and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.


The Parents as Teachers approach is to partner, facilitate and reflect. We do this at every level of our organization, from a parent educator visiting a family in their home, all the way to the work of the national center.



Innovating since 1984


In the early 1980s Missouri pioneered the concept of helping parents embrace their important role as their child’s first and best teacher. Today, Parents as Teachers continues to equip early childhood organizations and professionals with information and tools that are relevant—and widely applicable—to today’s parents, families and children.


The concept for Parents as Teachers was developed in the 1970s when Missouri educators noted that children were beginning kindergarten with varying levels of school readiness. Research showed that greater parent involvement is a critical link in the child's development of learning skills, including reading and writing.

Early childhood professionals suggested that a program to provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues, and parent education to help parents understand their role in encouraging their child's development from the beginning could help improve school readiness and parent involvement. 

With funding from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and The Danforth Foundation, Parents as Teachers began in 1981 in Missouri as a pilot project for first-time parents of newborns. Recognizing the program's benefits and cost effectiveness, the Missouri legislature provided state funding in 1985 to implement Parents as Teachers programs in all Missouri school districts. Since 1985, Parents as Teachers has expanded to all 50 states and six other countries.

Grounded in the latest research, Parents as Teachers develops curricula that support a parent’s role in promoting school readiness and healthy development of children. Our approach is intimate and relationship-based. We embrace learning experiences that are relevant and customized for the individual needs of each family and child. As a result, individuals and organizations who use our curricula benefit from our understanding of the evolving needs of today’s families and children.



Trailblazers and leaders



Dedicated experts with a proven record of success


Constance Gully


As President and Chief Executive Officer of Parents as Teachers, Constance Gully is responsible for leading the strategic direction of the organization while ensuring the overall growth and maintaining the fiscal stability and impact of the organizations efforts. Gully has nearly two decades of experience in the public and not for profit sectors.


Christie L. Olden, CPA, CFE

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Kerry Caverly

Senior Vice President/Chief Program Officer

Alison Gee, MPH

Vice President of Government and Community Engagement

Donna Hunt-O’Brien

Vice President of Professional and Program Development

Allison Kemner, MPH

Vice President of Research and Quality

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