With your financial support, we can strengthen Parents as Teachers by piloting new and innovative program ideas that can be scaled up for use in other states. 

Your support will also help us to continue developing evidence-based curriculum, conducting program evaluation, providing technical assistance, advocating for pro-family policies, and training parent educators. Last year, we trained 5,736 parent educators and delivered our curriculum to 2,390 early learning professionals.

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+ General Donation

The simplest and most common form of giving is unrestricted giving, a powerful form of support that allows Parents as Teachers to use the funds where best needed.

+ Memorials and Tributes

Memorials and tributes offer the opportunity to celebrate or remember a friend or loved one by making a special gift in his or her name.

+ Corporate Matching Gifts

Many corporations support their employees by supporting the organizations to which they give. When you make a gift to Parents as Teachers, ask your employer to match it! To learn more, search for your company’s matching gift policy or speak to your company’s human resources officer.

+ Gifts of Stock

Stock gifts may provide donors with tax benefits along with the charitable gift deduction. Contact your tax attorney or broker to learn more.

+ Conference Sponsorships

Conference sponsorships are available to help you maximize your corporate marketing dollars in support of serving high-needs children and families as well as provide key supports for the Conference.

+ Shop to Give

The Parents as Teachers National Center is committed to making it easy for you to support our work. In many cases, you don't even have to make a gift. Simply continue to do what you are already doing, and choose Parents as Teachers National Center as your charity of choice!

Amazon Smile: Shopping on Amazon is easy, efficient, and now, philanthropic. Amazon Smile allows Amazon customers to shop for the things they love while giving back. When you purchase anything on a small percentage goes to our organization at no cost to you! Sign up and start shopping today!

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Make a minimum gift of $100 and you will receive a Champion for Families lapel pin.

Make a minimum gift of $100 and you will receive a Champion for Families lapel pin.


Thank you to all the generous Champions who have already made a financial commitment to support families.

Rhonda Aldridge, MO
Syed and Taiyaba Ali, MO
Rich and Pam Altice, MO
Melany Amaya
Ankoor Amin
Mark Anderson, MO
Robert Bacci
Claire Baralt
Gladys Barker, MO
Rebecca Barry, MI
Dan and Gina Bauman, MO
Christine Bearden, MO
Jack and Donna Bender, KS
Bryan Bennica Jr.
Robert and Sandra Berthold, MO
Angelique N. Bey, MO
Donald and Marilyn Blum, MO
Natasha Boddy, MO
Jo Anne Booker
Senator and Mrs. Christopher S. Bond, MO
Brenda Booth
Dorothy Bowen, MO
Nancy Burke
Jeff and Gale Boyer, IL
Lucy Brennan, MO
Jay and Victoria Brenner, MO
Joan Briccetti, MO
Madeliene Brice
Barbara and Frank Briggs, MO
Bart and Bonnie Brown, MO
Kristi Burk, MO
Kathie and David Burnett, OK
Sonya Burnett, MO
Darcell Butler, MO
David Buttrick, MO
Barbara Calkins, MO
Jane Callahan, MO
C. K. (Chip) and Susan Casteel, MO
Lyle Cates, ON
Kerry Caverly, MO
Christopher Chambers, MO
Richard and Margaret Christenson, MO
Linda I. Clark, WA
Steffanie Clothier, CO
Mary Clynes, MO
Elliott Coleman
Katherine Coleman, MO
Kimberly Collins
Georgia Van Cleve Colwell, MO
Mary Eileen Cook, MO
Cindi Coser, MO
Tammy and Stu Craig, IL
Tom Curran, MO
Dr. William H. Danforth, MO
Donna Dansberry
Vicky Dawson
Amy De La Hunt, MO
Stephen DiSalvo, MO
Dr. Mary and Mr. Dan Duff, MO
Cheryle Dyle-Palmer, MO
Steven E. Earnest, MO
Hope and Julian Edison, MO
Brad and Clare Eldredge, MO
Maia Elkana and Paul Bender, MO
Maia Elkana and Paul Bender, MO
Norma Ellington-Twitty
Tara Ervin
Rick Evers, MO
Ellis Ewaleifoh
James and Katrina Farmer, MO
Joan E. Fetter, MI
Bianca Filion
Barbara Fletcher, MO
Lisa Foehner, MO
Lindsay Fondow and Rusty Kiser, MO
Sherry Forsee, MO
Lindsey Forton, MO
Marilyn Fox, MO
Mary Gallow, MO
Angela Gardner
Joe and Diane Garea, MO
Alison Gee and Mary Sue Rosenthal, MO
Chris Giorlando
Mark R. Ginsberg, MD
Jack Girard
Diane Givens, MO
Donna Givens, MO
Katherine Glass
Rebecca Glavin
James and Elizabeth Goldkamp, MO
Carolyn and Adam Goodman, MO
Kristen Gottuso, ME
Jennifer Graham
MacKenzie Grayson and Family, DC
Lisa Greening, MO
Constance Gully, MO
Karen Guskin, MO
Linda Hafemeister
Steve and Becky Hager, MO
Brian Hall, MO
Kathy Hall, MO
Madeline Haraway, MO
Angela Harbaugh, IL
Sharonica Hardin-Bartley
Barbara Harris, MO
David Harrison, MO
Lea Heintz
Mary Therese Heitman, MO
Edmund Hennessy
Veronica Herndon-Jenkins, MO
Latonya Hicks, MO
Greg Hildebrand, MO
Chester Hines Jr., MO
Randall Hinton
Scott L. Hippert, CA
Michael Hizer
Craig and Jessica Hoagland, MO
William and Nancy Hobson, MO
Karen Hoerchler, MO
Sally Hoffman, MO
Bart Holland, MO
Mark and Elaine Holland, MO
Mary Holtzman, OH
Michael and Linda Honigfort, MO
Sondra Horowitz, MO
Ruthann Horvay, CT
Joan Hubbard
Mary Huggins, MO
Montrice Humphrey
Stephanie and Matthew Hunt
Tim and Donna O’Brien, MO
William F. and B. Karen James, MO
Alissa Johnson
Keri Jupka, MO
Frieda Kaemmerlen, MO
Alexia Keil
Allison and Ryan Kemner, MO
Dirk and Patricia Kempthorne, ID
Peter Kim, MO
Sandra King, MO
Ward and Carol Klein, MO
Mary A. Knight, AL
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Koch, CO
Colleen Kraft, OH
Steven Kuester, CA
Marilyn Kugman, MO
Allison Lamont, MO
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Langsam, MO
Dana Lewis
Alfred W. F. Li, MO
Ellen L. Livingston and Edward Levitt, FL
Carolyn and Joseph Losos, MO
Gloria Luber, MO
Donna Luckett
Phyllis Maguire, MO
Mary Rose Main, NY
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Mallory, MO
Kristen Mandrell, MO
Marylen Mann, MO
Janetta Manoogian, MO
Quentin and Kathleen Marsh, MO
Kate McGilly, MO
Marian McGuire
Connie McKee, MO
Linda McKnight
Phyllis McLafferty, MO
Morgan McMurray
Amanda McNabb
Karen McNeal, MO
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Melzer, MO
Julie Miers, TX
Mark Milby
Laurie Miller, MO
Evelyn Misner, MO
Elizabeth Moore
Rosetta Moore
Mr. and Mrs. David Morley, SC
Becky Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Murdick, FL
Philip Needleman, MO
Jane Nelson, MO
John and Mary Newman, KS
Janet and George Newton, KS
Felicia Nichols, MO
Don and Kathy Nicholson, MO
Diana Nydick, PA
Gregory O’Donnell, MO
Christie Olden, IL
Carl Ott
Rebeca Padilla
Arglister Palmer Jr., MO
Sharon Parker and Robert Swarm, MO
Richard Patton
William Pecora, MD
Kami Peterson
Sophia Phillips, MO
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Picus, MO
John and Laura Pierle, MO
William R. Piper, MO
Barbara Powell, MO
Barbara Pratter, MO
Margaret Pride, MO
Maggie Probert and Family, MO
Carmen Qualls
Jack and Angela Rau, MO
Bill and Lynn Reichmuth, MO
James and Christine Rice, MO
Rob and Alice Ring, OR
Eric Ring
Rebecca Ring, UT
Wallace Ring
Christy Roberts, MO
Donald and Beth Roberts, MO
Erica Roberts
Robin Roberts, NC
Jennifer Robertson, MO
Adele Robinson
Susan Rodriguez
Peter and Susan Rogers, MO
Neal and Marilyn Roller, IL
Steven Rollins, DC
John and Valerie Roper
Steven Rosenblum, MO
Chiffontae Ross, MO
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ross, MO
Nakeela Ross
Joy M. Rouse, MO
Bob and Judy Rowcliffe, MI
Marjory Russell, MO
Robert and Betty Rybacki, MO
William and Rene Sanders, MO
Frank and Sally Sandy, MO
Steve and Karen Sanger, MN
Jill Saunders, MO
Elizabeth Schwartz, MO
Lisa Schwarz, IL
Karen Shanoski, PA
Leon Sharpe, MO
Elaine Shiver, TX
Amber Simpson, MO
Dr. and Mrs. Warren H. Solomon, MO
Michael Sophir
Karen Stebelski, MO
Jim and Sue Stepleton, MO
Charles Stewart
Linda and Bob Stewart, MO
Lisa Stinson, CT
Brad Storrs and Vera Meserole, MO
Mrs. John E. Svenson, MO
Mark and Margo Sweany, KS
Dallyda Tatchi-Banda
Kaylee Thrasher
Brian Tong, NY
Shannon and Aaron Unnerstall, MO
Linda Vandivort, MO
Melissa Von Rohr, MO
Jerold and Elizabeth Wallis, MO
Jeff and Angela Ward, UT
Tim and Anne Walsh, IN
Elizabeth A. Wattenberg, MO
Genita Wehner, MO
Douglas and Julie Welch, KS
Renee Welch, IL
Susan Werner, CA
Shannon Wessler, MO
Patricia West, IA
Willeen Whipple, MO
Wynette Whitegoat
Mike and Carol Willard, MO
Aminah Williams
Elanda Williams, MO
Pamela Williams, OH
Jeffrey Willits, OH
Jeremy Winig, NY
Melissa Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wollenberger, MO
Charlene J. Wood, MO
Gayle Woolf, MO
Ann Young, MO
Joseph Yastrub
Alan and Catherine Zahniser, MO
Christine Zimmerman, MI
Jane Zimmerman

I invest in our future with both time and treasure. I am a member of the youth ministry at my church and I support the work of Parents as Teachers because I literally want all children to learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential. Children are our future and we need to help them be successful.
— Richard

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