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New research brief shows how Parents as Teachers is partnering with Black families

Parents as Teachers is proud to announce the release of its new Equity Research Brief that highlights the positive effect Parents as Teachers’ evidence-based prevention and early intervention home visiting model has on Black families with young children.

A key characteristic of the Parents as Teachers approach is that it is designed to meet the needs of individual families and, as a result, can address specific maternal, family and child outcomes in culturally responsive ways.

This new Equity Research Brief was developed to address four questions:

  1. What is Parents as Teachers’ approach to cultural considerations, specifically with Black families?
  2. How does research validate Parents as Teachers’ work with Black families?
  3. What experiences have families shared?
  4. What future steps must Parents as Teachers take to ensure that Black families are served in a respectful, meaningful, and authentic way?

Parents as Teachers has made a strong commitment to honor human diversity as a central part of our mission. It is the policy of Parents as Teachers to work and provide services in a culturally competent manner. We encourage you to read the full brief on our cultural relevancy work around Black families that illustrates how we are supporting communities of color.

Read the full brief

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