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American Rescue Plan Sends Emergency Assistance to Families Through Home Visiting Program

Parents as Teachers and other evidence-based home visiting programs operating through the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV) will soon be receiving $150 million in emergency aid to support families and parent educators impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While home visitors have been able to triage support and resources for families, the list of participants’ needs continues to grow,” said Constance Gully, President and CEO of Parents as Teachers. “With the additional resources for MIECHV, Parents as Teachers and other evidence-based programs will be better equipped to provide appropriate, individualized, and creative supports to meet families immediate and emerging needs.

“While we serve diverse communities, essential reinforcements include technology to support virtual home visiting, diapers and wipes, food, and more. We are incredibly thankful to our MIECHV advocates in Congress for their support for home visiting,” Gully said.

Amid the dynamic and rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic response, home visitors have continued to serve as a trusted resource for families who already faced complex needs pre-pandemic, most of whom are coping with much more acute challenges now.

Gully said with this multiplier effect, families’ needs have increased requests for support and applications for assistance, including safe and secure housing and safe transportation, and securing necessities such as diapers and emergency food, health care, technology, and household supplies.

“Home visiting programs have adapted to become a central resource to meeting families’ essential needs and providing access to information and resources during the pandemic and as they undertake the arduous path of recovery,” she said.