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Penelope Data Management System: Power BI – the New Penelope Reporting Option

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Power BI reports from Penelope. Power BI is a business analytics solution available through Microsoft. These reports will give affiliates the ability to view data at their convenience and in a way that is most meaningful to them. This will help affiliates make informed decision about service delivery, increasing data-driven practice, and ultimately improving outcomes for families.

Until now, there have been two primary ways to get data from Penelope, each with their own strengths. Power BI will be a third option:

Custom PAT reports in Penelope – These are reports built directly into the Penelope data management system by Athena, the developer of Penelope. These reports are easily accessible by affiliates, show real-time data, and include family names. However, they are time-consuming and costly to update in the system.

Limited Data Set Reports – These reports are created by the Penelope Technical Manager and run against the Limited Data Set, allowing for timely updates in response to needs from the field. Because this database is mostly de-identified, reports contain IDs in place of family and individual names. Affiliates request these reports from the Penelope team no more than once a month.

Power BI – This is now the third option to accessing Penelope reports, combining the benefits of the Custom PAT reports in Penelope and the Limited Data Set Reports. These reports are refreshed daily, can be run as often as you want, and affiliates may choose to include family names. Affiliates may request one free Power BI license as part of their annual affiliate fee, as well as additional paid licenses if they choose.

What are affiliates saying?

The response to Power BI has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some sample comments.

I am very excited about Power BI! I really appreciate the responsiveness of the Penelope team with sending limited data sets and I’m glad there is now an additional option. I didn’t request them as frequently as I would have always liked, and sometimes found it hard to be patient, but thrilled to have the opportunity to access information on demand!

We greatly appreciate this opportunity in exploring new ways to access important data to continue to increase high quality services to the families and children we serve 😊

Thank y’all for working on this and helping us gather our data more efficiently and up-to-date as we may need it.

The PowerBI was easy to use and had all the information available to export into Excel.

I looked over the reports and I really like them! I think things look great!