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Vote, Vote, Vote

Photo of buttons that read “VOTE.”

We’re just a few days away from Election Day on November 3! If you have not yet voted, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to cast a ballot.

If you’re voting by mail…

Complete and return your ballot as soon as possible. Make sure you know the rules in your state. In some states you can drop off your ballot at specific locations; in others, it must be mailed. You can look up the details for your state by visiting your state webpage or visiting www.canivote.org.

If you’re voting in person…

Make a plan! See if you can vote early. Look up your ballot information, identify your polling site or voting center, and confirm your employer’s policy regarding time off for voting. You can look up your polling site and ballot information at www.usa.gov/voting/.

Voting is a fundamental right that works best when exercised!