All Parents as Teachers National Center staff may be reached by email by using their First and Last names as represented in the list below in this format:

Parents as Teachers National Center main phone number is (314) 432-4330.



Constance Gully
ext. 1293

Madeliene Brice
Senior Administrative Assistant    
ext. 1218

Kerry Caverly  
Vice President, Program and Implementation Support    
ext. 1244

Alison Gee
Vice President, Government and Community Engagement    
ext. 1297

Allison Kemner
Vice President of Research and Quality
ext. 1241

Phyllis Maguire
Executive Assistant    
ext. 1280

Donna Hunt-O'Brien
Vice President, Professional and Program Development  
ext.  1276

Christie Olden
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Finance
ext. 1279

Carmen Qualls
Administrative Assistant II    
ext. 1204

Willeen Whipple
Director, Cultural Programming and Services    
ext. 1231


Expansion and Model Replication

Kerry Caverly  
Vice President, Program and Implementation Support    
ext. 1244

Kristi Burk
Manager, Business Processes  
ext. 1230

Maia Elkana
Implementation Data Specialist  
ext. 1217

Brian Hall
Penelope Specialist  
ext. 1253

Kathy Hall
Coordinator, Customer Support  
ext. 1271

Therese Heitman
Customer Service Associate  
ext. 1203

Karen Hoerchler
WY MIECHV Data Support and Training Specialist  
ext. 1292

Phyllis McLafferty
Implementation Support Coordinator  
ext. 1209

Christy Roberts
Implementation Support Coordinator  
ext. 1225

Robin Roberts
Southeast Regional Support Specialist/International  
(919) 880-7358

Lisa Schwarz
Penelope Support Specialist  
ext. 1264

Angela Ward
Director of Expansion and Model Replication and MIECHV
(801) 888-2203



Christie Olden
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Finance
ext. 1279

Christine Bearden
Human Resources Accountant    
ext. 1295

Laura Pierle
Accounts Payable Assistant  
ext. 1213

Peter Kim  
Senior Accountant    
ext. 1285

Veronica Herndon-Jenkins
Human Resources Manager
ext. 1207

Karen Stebelski
Senior Accountant  
ext.  1243

Shannon Unnerstall
Grants and Contracts Fiscal Manager  
ext.  1294

Shannon Wessler
Associate Accountant    
ext. 1290


Research and Quality Improvement

Allison Kemner
Vice President of Research and Quality Improvement
ext. 1241

Heather Bell
Data Integrity Specialist  
ext. 1236

Lindsay Fondow
Manager of Quality Improvement  
(314) 325-2824

Sondra Horowitz
Director of Quality Improvement  
ext. 1252

Michael Sophir
Evaluation and MIECHV Data Analyst  
ext. 1257


Training, Curriculum and Program Innovations

Donna Hunt-O'Brien  
Vice President, Professional and Program Development  
ext. 1276

Greg O'Donnell
Director, Training  
ext. 1208

Christine Zimmerman
Training Manager  
(315) 886-3999

Angelique Bey
Customer Experience Specialist  
ext. 1256

Cindi Coser
Associate Training Coordinator  
ext. 1239

Amy De La Hunt
Director, Product Development  
ext. 1226

Lindsey Forton
Family Engagement Specialist  
ext. 1248

Mary Gallow
Coordinator, Training Business  
ext. 1255

David Harrison
Business Systems Specialist
ext. 1232

Marilyn Kugman
Lead Training Coordinator  
ext. 1246

Angela Rau
Virtual Parenting Education Coordinator
ext. 1298

Chiffontae Ross
Editorial Coordinator  
ext. 1291



American Indian Programs

Diane Givens
ext. 1266

Stephanie Hunt
FACE Manager  
ext. 1221

Mary Huggins
FACE Coordinator  
ext. 1206

Angela Harbaugh
FACE Technical Assistant  
ext. 1227

Genita Wehner
FACE Technical Assistant  
ext. 1223

Wynette Whitegoat
FACE Technical Assistant  
ext. 1205


Marketing and Communications

Eric Clark
Marketing Communications Specialist
ext. 1284

Madeline Haraway
Creative Design Services Manager  
ext. 1202

Bart Holland
Marketing and Special Events Coordinator
ext. 1258

Lucas McCue
Digital Marketing Manager  
ext. 1235


Fund Development

Becky Moss
Director, Private Fund Development/Strategic Management  
ext. 1283

Rick Evers
Fund Development Coordinator  
ext. 1229


Information Technology

Richard Wollenberger
Director, Information
Technology and
HIPAA Compliance
and Security Officer  
ext. 1277

Jeff Boyer
Manager, Software Development  
ext. 1222

David Buttrick
Application Architect  
ext. 1282

Lyle Cates
Web Developer  
ext. 1288

Greg Hildebrand
Web Developer  
ext. 1281


Government and Community Engagement

Alison Gee  
Vice President, Government Affairs and Community Relations  
ext. 1297

Lisa Foehner
Director, State Advocacy  
ext. 1289


Missouri Right from the Start

Kristen Mandrell
Project Manager  
ext. 1237

Kim Collins
Parent Educator  
(314) 406-8490

Donna Givens
Teen Specialist  
(314) 409-7790

Jennifer Graham
Parent Educator  
(314) 409-6672

Dallyda Tatchi-Banda
Parent Educator  
(314) 406-3844

Kristy Swan
Teen Specialist 

Kaylee Thrasher
Parent Educator  
(314) 598-3480

Ariel Turner
Parent Educator  
(314) 422-2747


Normandy Office

Ann Young  
Director, Missouri Programmatic Services
ext. 1211

Chris Chambers
Parent Educator  
(314) 824-8595

Angela Gardner
Parent Educator
(314) 824-8581

Mackenzie Grayson
(314) 824-8579

Randall Hinton
Parent Educator
 (314) 378-1644

Dana Lewis
Developmental Screening Coordinator
 (314) 824-8583

Erica Roberts
Parent Educator
(314) 409-2984

Nakeela Ross
Parent Educator  
(314) 308-9443