Ongoing research

Normandy PAT

Description: The Normandy Healthy Start program is a direct service project being managed from PATNC. The Normandy program provides standard PAT services to those families in Normandy; however, there will be a focus on screening for parental depression, linking those with parental depression to providers and following up after the referrals are made. This program also conducts fatherhood groups using PAT’s 8 week Focus on Fathering Curriculum .

PATNC program staff are working to develop partnerships with mental health providers in the Normandy area, so once screening begins resources will be available to assist families needing these additional services.  Evaluation will include both a process and impact evaluation with pre and post-tests completed with families participating in the Normandy project.

Funder: Normandy Schools Collaborative 

Evaluator: Will Winter PhD, Public Policy Research Center at the University of Missouri St. Louis


Description: The Baby FACE Project provided home visitation services in 22 Bureau of Indian Educational (BIE) schools for three years. The Baby FACE program included bi-weekly home visits from PAT parent educators, group connections, screenings, and resource connections. Families were also provided with three children’s book each month. Twenty sites participated in the evaluation.

The process evaluation found that families received an average of 25.4 home visits and over 5,500 books were distributed with an average of 96.4 books per family. Baby FACE families spent more hours than comparison families reading to their children, they also had twice as many books at home and participated in a significantly greater number of literacy activities at home. Other positive outcomes of the intervention included an increase in child initiative and fewer behavioral concerns. Baby FACE findings can be seen in the Baby FACE report  and infographic. 

Thanks to generous investments from Kellogg Foundation and Heising Simons Foundation this research project will be able to continue, following the children to kindergarten entry. This will allow researchers to evaluate if the impacts of pre-birth to age 3 programs help children enter kindergarten on a level playing field.

Funder: Investing in Innovations (i3) Grant, U.S. Department of Education

Evaluator: Judy Pfannenstiel, Research & Training Associates 

Right from the Start Program and Evaluation

Description: The Right from the Start Program (RFS) is a federally funded direct service program that is being managed out of PATNC. It is one of only 3 programs that are being implemented by the National Center and not local affiliates.  RFS provides home visits and group activities to teen parents in north St. Louis City and County who are either living in private residences or shelters.

The Partnering with Teen Parents Curriculum was developed by Parents as Teachers Knowledge Studio and is being utilized in the RFS project. PATNC along with the University of Missouri are working together to develop an evaluation for RFS. Much evaluation work is still left to conclude. Right from the Start parent educators will be doing an in-depth investigation into how RFS families interact with one another using the Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale (KIPS) observational tool.

Funder: Department of Health and Human Service

Evaluator:  Irma Arteaga PhD, Harry S Truman School of Public Affair at the University of Missouri Columbia


Recent research

Innovative Approaches to Literacy

Description: The Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) provided literacy focused home visitation and literacy focused group connections to families living in high poverty areas. Along with home visits families received books through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library book distribution program. During this project more than 35,000 books were distributed.

A two level evaluation was conducting including and overall evaluation and the focal evaluation who used a subset of families. IAL findings can be seen in the IAL report  and infographic.  Results showed that the combination of the literacy enhanced PAT program and Imagination Library improved oral language developed in at risk children and increased home literacy activities.  The complete project findings can be found here.

Funder: US Department of Education

Evaluator: Tomoko Wakabayashi PhD and Laura Scharphorn PhD, The Center for Early Education Evaluation HighScope Educational Research Foundation