The Parents as Teachers model is an evidence-based early childhood home visiting model that builds strong communities, thriving families, and children who are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Central to the PAT model are 20 model fidelity requirements, called Essential Requirements, which cover affiliate leadership, staffing, services to families, and evaluation.  In order to become a PAT affiliate, an organization must be designed to meet these Essential Requirements. Annually, affiliates report implementation and service data that address the Essential Requirements and this data is used to confirm that the affiliate is meeting or exceeding the minimum levels for each Essential Requirement. 

In addition to the Essential Requirements, Parents as Teachers has Quality Standards that provide a comprehensive blueprint for high quality Parents as Teachers services. 

Together, the Essential Requirements and Quality Standards form the basis for the Parents as Teachers Quality Endorsement and Improvement Process (QEIP) which confirms affiliate quality and facilitates continuous quality improvement.  PAT affiliates are required to engage in the Quality Endorsement and Improvement Process in their fourth year of implementation and every five years thereafter.  

To earn the Quality Endorsement, affiliates must complete a comprehensive self-study and review process that demonstrates they are meeting or exceeding the Parents as Teachers Essential Requirements, along with at least 75 of the 100 Quality Standards.

Programs that earn the Quality Endorsement are recognized by the national Parents as Teachers office as exemplary Blue Ribbon Affiliates, delivering high-quality services to children and families.


Find a current list of Blue Ribbon Affiliates here.


High quality Parents as Teachers affiliates regularly monitor compliance with the Essential Requirements and pursue continuous quality improvement by using a variety of tools. Parents as Teachers affiliates can access the following tools by going to the Supervisor's Handbook located in the Parents as Teachers e-business portal:

  • Affiliate Quality Assurance Blueprint: Describes necessary quality assurance activities, along with who completes the activities and at what frequency. This blueprint functions as an ongoing tracking tool, helping the supervisor monitor fidelity and implementation quality.

  • Personal Visit Observation Tool: Used to assess and record content and delivery of a Parents as Teachers personal visit.

  • Group Connection Observation Tool: Used to assess and record content and delivery of a Parents as Teachers group connection.

  • File Review Tool: Outlines specific items and content that should be in a family file.

  • Quality Endorsement and Improvement Process (QEIP) Manual: Provides the Quality Standards along with comprehensive information about and instructions for the three steps of the QEIP.