Parents as Teachers Approach

We’re all in families. We’ve all been young children ourselves. Wherever our lives have brought us since then, we’re all in this together – and that’s something to celebrate!

Our vision is that all children will develop, learn, and grow to realize their full potential, but we’re not here to talk about the “right” and “wrong” ways to parent. We’re here to provide information that supports parents’ role as their child’s first and most important teachers and advocates. 

Parents as Teachers Approach is to partner, facilitate and reflect. These are parallel processes that occur at every level of our organization from a Parent Educator visiting a family in their home all the way to the work of the National Center.

It’s important to us that parents’ strengths are recognized and that they feel empowered by their relationships to choose what to do with the information they receive. Their choices at any point in time will be informed by many things, including their goals, their perspectives, and their ways of being as a family. 

Our approach supports every product and service Parents as Teachers offers, from support around program design, to the development of curricula and trainings, to the guidance for implementation of the Parents as Teachers model. It is infused in the big things like our organizational identity as well as the smallest details of our work, like word choices on parent handouts.

We know families have the same basic needs. We know they already have strengths that drive their child’s development and their parenting. But we also know that life changes. Families are often in flux, and this affects their child too. Our products and services encourage reflection about everything that might affect family members’ growth and development – children and adults – in order to engage them in meaningful actions that get them where they want to be. 

Those programs implementing the evidence-based Parents as Teachers model will be on a path toward specific outcomes through their program design, use of the Foundational Curriculum, attendance at the Foundational and Model Implementation trainings, and their implementation of the Essential Requirements.

Parents as Teachers also transfers knowledge to family support professionals via trainings and curricula on a variety of topics, including diverse families, parent-child interaction, group facilitation and more.

We see early childhood as the foundation from which all our lives emerge – we never forget that we were all young children once ourselves.