Outcomes Field Test


Increasingly, national, state, and local stakeholders and decision-makers want to know more about the impact of home visiting on families and children. For the 2016-2017 Program Year, Parents as Teachers launched an Outcomes Field Test with interested affiliates to test out a process for collecting and reporting outcomes data.

Sixty affiliates from 26 states volunteered to participate in the field test. Participants are all measuring Parenting Skills, Practices, or Capacities outcomes using a reliable and valid outcomes tool. They are also measuring at least one additional outcome related to child or family health/well-being or child development. The most commonly selected outcomes include well child visits and depression. In January, participating affiliates completed a Mid-Point Check-In Survey on their experiences with the field test so far, their selected tools, and additional outcomes supports that would be beneficial. Of those who completed the survey, many of the participating affiliates (over half) were already collecting these outcomes prior to the Field Test for a funder or as part of their regular documentation process.

Parents as Teachers is committed to data-driven practice and to reinforcing its use throughout our network of country/state offices and local affiliates. If you would like to learn more about the Outcomes Field Test or if you have any questions about outcomes measurement or tools, please reach out to us at Outcomes@ParentsasTeachers.org. 

Lucas McCue