Head Start



Parents as Teachers has a long history with Head Start and Early Head Start programs. A significant number of Head Start and Early Head Start grantees utilize the Parents as Teachers research-based and evidence-informed curriculum and approach. 

Early Head Start and Head Start programs using Parents as Teachers curricula, have the option to become a Curriculum Partner. Establishing the Curriculum Partner opportunity is evidence that Parents as Teachers National Center is committed to assuring that programs meet the expectations stated in the Head Start Performance Standards.

Becoming a Parents as Teachers Curriculum Partner will support your efforts by offering continued access to useful resources like the Personal Visit Observation Tool which includes the HOVRS- A+ for supervisors. As a Curriculum Partner, you can confidently serve your EHS/HS families, knowing that you are delivering research-based services by demonstrating fidelity to the Foundational Curriculum and Foundational 2 Curriculum.

Our curricula feature family-friendly activities and resources that engage families in children’s learning and development within three key areas of emphasis: parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting, and family well-being.


High quality training

Benefits of becoming a Curriculum Partner begin with the Foundational Training where participants learn about the Parents as Teachers approach to home visiting.  Professionals who serve families of children ages three through Kindergarten entry may complete the Foundational 2 Training. Participants who successfully complete training are better prepared to achieve Head Start outcomes and able to promote school readiness and parent engagement, hallmarks of Head Start and Early Head Start.


Alignment with Early Head Start

The Office of Head Start requires grantees to demonstrate implementation fidelity to a research-based evidence-informed curriculum. We designed these resources to support efforts to show fidelity to the curricula. Parents as Teachers Curriculum Partners will have access to a dedicated workspace in O.L.I.V.E.R., the Parents as Teachers learning management system. Within this workspace, members will have ongoing access to:

  • Guided learning opportunities

  • Specialized webinars

  • ELOF alignment

  • COR assessment alignment

  • Reflective Supervision Toolkit

  • Demonstrating Fidelity Checklist, which includes the Personal Visit Observation Tool, File Review Tool and much more!

  • Alignment with Early Head Start

As a Curriculum Partner, you will also benefit from individualized start-up support as well as ongoing technical assistance from our EHS/HS Implementation Support Specialist.

Parents as Teachers supports Head Start goals and standards:

  • Support for family goal setting consistent with Early Head Start Performance Standard § 1302.50(b)3.

  • Provides parent-child activities that support parents’ ability to make a positive impact on their child’s development consistent with Performance Standard § 1302.51.

Contact Tiedra Marshall to get more information about the benefits of becoming a Parents as Teachers Curriculum Partner.