The Solution for Quality Home-Based Services

Parents as Teachers has treasured our long history with Head Start or Early Head Start programs, and we value this new way of partnering with you. The Solution for Quality Home-Based Services is designed specifically for Early Head Start and Head Start home-based programs that selected the Foundational Curriculum, and may have additionally selected the Foundational 2 Curriculum, as their home visiting curricula. 


  • Are research-based and evidence-informed.
  • Are online and regularly updated.
  • Are currently used by numerous Head Start and Early Head Start programs.
  • Provide family engagement strategies and involve parents as partners, building on parents’ knowledge and offering the opportunity to practice parenting skills to promote children’s learning and development.
  • Provide robust information and resources on child development (including topics such as sleep, nutrition, and attachment), parent-child interaction, and family well-being.

Office of Head Start will require grantees to demonstrate implementation fidelity to the research-based curriculum of their choice. Benefits of The Solution for Quality Home-Based Services start with Foundational Training and allow programs access to resources designed to support their efforts to show fidelity to the curricula. Just released is Demonstrating Fidelity 2018:  A Checklist for Utilizing the Foundational Curricula. 



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Contact your State Office or Implementation Support Provider to get more information about how to access the checklist and other benefits of The Solution for Quality Home-Based Services.


The Solution for Quality Home-Based Services is the best option if you are a:

  • Head Start or Early Head Start home-based program that has chosen the Foundational and Foundational 2 Curricula to work with families.

  • A current curriculum subscriber working in a Head Start/Early Head Start home-based program and need access to these tools and resources to show fidelity to the curricula.
  • Parents as Teachers affiliate who no longer wishes to adhere to the requirements of two evidence-based home visiting models.

Testimonials from some of our Head Start partners at the conclusion of their Foundational Curriculum Training:

The activities helped me understand the importance of becoming a partner with the parent or parents and helping them become more reflective in their growing knowledge of their child’s development. I understood my role as an educator.
Overall, my experience was outstanding! Accessing the program resources online, training guides, collaborating with my colleagues, participation in the role plays, working in small groups, and observing the home visit modeling.

additional professional development

Parents as Teachers offers additional professional development opportunities that may be of interest to Head Start and Early Head Start home visitors. Click on the following links to learn more. 

Interactions Across Abilities: Supporting Families of Children With Special Needs

Partnering With Teen Parents

What You Do Matters is a six-week group series that combines short parent educator discussions followed by parent-child interaction.

What You Do Matters

 Interactions Across Abilities

Interactions Across Abilities

 Partnering With Teen Parents

Partnering With Teen Parents

 What You Do Matters

What You Do Matters

Alignment with Early Head Start

The Child Development and Family Engagement Alignment resource handbook illustrates the connection between the Foundational Curriculum/Parents as Teachers Approach and Office of Head Start requirements, including alignment with the five Head Start essential domains, as well as alignment with the Office of Head Start's Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework.

The handbook can also be beneficial to states seeking to understand PAT's alignment with early learning standards or to any program interested in assessing child progress and family engagement for planning services and for showing improvement in outcomes as required by funders.

View the Child Development and Family Engagement Alignment resource handbook.

Parents as Teachers and Head Start: Impacting Children and Families Through Partnership

Parents as Teachers has a long and treasured history with Head Start. A significant number of Head Start and especially Early Head Start grantees utilize the Parents as Teachers research-based and evidence-informed curriculum and approach, and some choose to implement the Parents as Teachers model along with the Early Head Start model. The Parents as Teachers relationship-based and parenting-focused approach to home visiting helps achieve Head Start outcomes and prepares staff to promote school readiness and parent engagement, hallmarks of Head Start and Early Head Start. The curriculum features family-friendly activities and resources that engage families in children’s learning and development with three key areas of emphasis: parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting, and family well-being.

How else does Parents as Teachers support Head Start goals and standards?

  • Support for family goal setting consistent with Early Head Start Performance Standard § 1304.40(a).
  • Evidence-based practices that support parents’ ability to make a positive impact on their child’s development.
  • An approach that engages families in ongoing child assessment consistent with Performance Standard § 1307.3 b (2).
  • The Head Start Kindergarten Readiness framework is embedded in the Parents as Teachers Foundational Curriculum. The Parents as Teachers Logic Model depicts the way in which the four component model (personal visits, group meetings, developmental and health screenings, and resource referrals) is designed to effect positive changes in children’s cognitive, social/emotional development, language and literacy, and physical and motor development, as well as non-cognitive (approaches to learning) skills: the five domains of school readiness identified by the National Education Goals Panel that are the foundation of the Child Development and Early Learning Framework.
  • Parents as Teachers also developed a “Child Development and Family Engagement Alignment” handbook which provides guidance on using Parents as Teachers Milestones to align with the Office of Head Start (OHS) Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework (PFCE). The Handbook underscores the connections among the five essential domains of the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, the Parents as Teachers Foundational curriculum, and the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment tool. There is also a survey for programs that utilize the OHS Parent, Family and Community Engagement framework to build relationships with families. Each item in the survey aligns with one of the seven family engagement outcomes specified in the PFCE framework.

What is the Head Start Community saying about Parents as Teachers?

Activities are closely aligned with EHS School Readiness Goals,” says Rachel Rogers of the Kentucky River Foothills Early Head Start program, a Parents as Teachers affiliate. “Family Goal setting with PAT is easier…due to many tools it offers to help families visualize their goals. It helps organize your data and lesson plans and has many tools to encourage family engagement. PAT helps ensure that your program meets the requirements for EHS/HS. The more we use it, the more we love it.
I think what I like most about the Foundational Curriculum is that it has really done an excellent job of moving away from the old model of ‘teacher as expert’ toward a much more empowering ‘parent as expert’ approach,” says Michelle Harvey of the Mount Hood Community College Early Head Start program in Oregon. “It really helps me be reflective in my work with children and families and does an excellent job supporting parallel process with all of us learning and wondering together.