The first step for organizations interested in implementing the Parents as Teachers evidence-based home visiting model is to review the Essential Requirements and to assess and review their community and organizational context, including but not limited to community needs, relationships, funding sources, staffing, and capacity. The Parents as Teachers Readiness Reflection Tool is available for you to use as a guide for organizations to think through community and organizational needs and capacity and how they relate to the requirements of the Parents as Teachers model.

The next step is to contact your technical assistance provider who can help you complete your Affiliate Plan. Your Affiliate Plan will be reviewed and must be approved by the national Parents as Teachers office prior to registering staff for training.

Home visiting and supervisory staff must attend Parents as Teachers Foundational and Model Implementation Training to achieve model certification to provide Parents as Teachers model services. 


-          Updated Essential Requirements (pdf)

-          Readiness Reflection Tool (pdf)

-          Affiliate Plan (fillable pdf)

-          Guidance for Completing Your Affiliate Plan (pdf)

-          Budget Toolkit (pdf)

-          July 2018 pricing sheet

-          Timeline for New Affiliate Process