Parents as Teachers' footprint is well established around the world. The Parents as Teachers model is currently being delivered in six countries: Australia, Canada, Germany,  Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Parents as Teachers' international programs build on the model's firm foundation and also reflect their country's specific needs.

United Kingdom: Known as Parents as First Teachers, PAFT began in Buckinghamshire, England in 1991. A recent program evaluation by the UK's National Academy for Parenting Research concluded PAFT was an important element of the country's home visiting support for at-risk families. Today, there are 55 affiliates in England, Scotland and South Wales.

Germany: Known as PAT - Mit Eltern Lernen, or PAT - Learning With Parents, the model was imported into Nuremberg in 2004. Today, PAT - Mit Eltern Lernen serves families throughout Germany, many of whom are immigrants from other countries. Yearly, over 350 families are served by 29 organizations that have licensed the German PAT program. Parents' satisfaction is high, as 63 percent of the participants learn about the program through word of mouth. Find PAT - Mit Eltern Lernen on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PATmitelternlernen.

Australia: Parents as Teachers in Australia serves 4,000 families, many of whom are high risk or have special needs, through170 programs in urban, regional and remote areas of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Services are delivered in partnership with local health districts, family support organizations and aboriginal programs. Parents as Teachers came to Australia in 1991 and operates through Macquarie University's Children and Families Research Centre.