Announcing a new group facilitation training!

Groups can be powerful tools for providing learning experiences, building social connections, and engaging families more deeply in a program. Our two-day in-person training Facilitating Groups is designed for both newcomers to the field as well as long-time facilitators looking to brush up.

Participants will gain knowledge and skills in these categories:

  • Group dynamics

  • Facilitator roles

  • Participant engagement

  • Research-based facilitation strategies

  • Logistics and preparation

The knowledge and group facilitation skills parent educators and professionals develop will be useful for several group formats such as ongoing groups, presentations and community events. This training also offers group facilitation activities and valuable insights for facilitators.


Participants in this group facilitation skills training will:

  • Identify strategies to recognize and support participants’ level of engagement within the group.

  • Connect their experiences with the role of the facilitators during the training.

  • Understand the importance of using evidence-informed strategies and information in planning and facilitating groups.

  • Participate in activities and conversations that support an increase in self-awareness, which leads to a greater understanding of how it relates to facilitation.

  • Learn to apply strategies and processes to support their own groups.


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