Programs Serving Refugee Round Tables – Wednesday 6:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
The conference will be providing those attending an opportunity to learn about serving refugee populations from those that are currently doing this work. Those working with refugees will be available at round tables inviting others to join in conversations with them for networking and learning from peers. (Open to everyone)

Accessing Products Through the Parents as Teachers Website – Thursday 7:15 a.m.–8:15 a.m.
Parents as Teachers National Center's Product Development and Customer Experience teams would like to hear from you. We want to understand your experiences finding and accessing information about our curricula, trainings, and additional products. (Registration is open to anyone, but space is limited) 

Toolkit Use and Feedback – Thursday 7:15 a.m.–8:15 a.m.
Parent educators are invited to share how they are using (or how we could improve!) the Toolkits for the Foundational Curriculum and Foundational 2 Curriculum: 3 Years Through Kindergarten as well as the Toolkit cards from Knowledge Studio products. We will also gather feedback about a prototype app featuring digital versions of the Toolkit cards. (Registration is open to anyone, but space is limited) 

APR Feedback – Friday 7:15 a.m.–8:15 a.m.
The APR has gone through many changes, Parents as Teachers National Center would like to hear from program supervisors about on APR process, difficult questions this APR year, and feedback on APR supporting materials. Parents as Teachers is collecting this information so we can continue to improve our processes moving forward. (Registration is open to anyone, but space is limited)