How to personalize your email notifications:


To access and change your preferences, use the following path.

Your Name (next to envelope at the top of the screen) > Account Preferences

From here, you can decide if you want to receive email notifications regarding the activities of the people you follow.  You can also decide if you want to receive summary updates of your groups and how often.


How to personalize your homepage:


You can personalize your homepage by clicking on the Personalize button (below the Browse button).  Once the Personalize window is open, you can select which portlets want to appear on your homepage.  You can also click the reset button to return your homepage to the default view.  To change the locations of the portlets, hover over them and drag them to where you want them to appear. To close a portlet, click on the X. To minimize a portlet, click on the minus sign.


How to bookmark a group, resource, or workspace page:


1. Click on bookmark

  • Group (Located in the box under the group’s search bar.)

  • Resource (Located under More Actions on the resources download/preview page.)

  • Workspace Page (Located in the light blue box at the bottom of the workspace page.)

2. Select a collection and click save.

Collections are categories for your bookmarks. You can click New Collection to add categories to your list of bookmarks.

To retrieve what you bookmarked:

  1. Click the flag symbol at the top of your screen.  It is located between the envelope and the question mark.

  2. Select the collection.

  3. Select the bookmarked group, resource, or workspace page.