Reflective Supervision Toolkit workshop at Conference

Reflective Supervision is a required task of the PAT supervisor, however, it can be challenging to implement. Parents as Teachers offers the Reflective Supervision Toolkit to support the growth of the supervisory relationship, provide a framework for reflective supervision, and strengthen reflective practice.

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At this year’s conference, a two-part workshop will be offered on the Reflective Supervision Toolkit. In the first session, participants will have an opportunity to explore the Reflective Supervision Foundational Plans, be introduced to the REFLECT framework, and gain insights into the importance of the parallel process as they support parent educators in their affiliate. In the second session, participants will be introduced to the skills needed to implement the REFLECT framework. This interactive session will provide opportunities for supervisors to practice skills and explore how they align with the evolution of the helping relationship. Participants are encouraged to attend both sessions.

To maximize the learning experience, conference attendees who are planning to attend this workshop are encouraged to bring a copy of the Reflective Supervision Toolkit with them. The toolkit can be downloaded from the Model Implementation Workspace on O.L.I.V.E.R. located under the Reflective Supervision tab. Space is limited to 30.


Please contact Robin Roberts for more information at