Parents as Teachers Communities of Practice

Have you been searching for a way to engage in meaningful discussion with other Parents as Teachers professionals? Does the idea of meeting regularly with other professionals to discuss topics around a particular focus peak your interest? With the virtual capabilities of O.L.I.V.E.R., Parents as Teachers National Center will be hosting a variety of communities of practice in which you can engage with other professionals across the country and around the world.

We designed Parents as Teachers communities of practice to bring together professionals with a shared focus to promote real-time learning and enhanced practice through:

  • knowledge delivery and mentoring

  • peer-to peer sharing and learning

  • live discussions that promote planning, problem solving, and reflection on experience

  • practical assignments to improve performance 

Parents as Teachers communities of practice are established around a particular focus or common interest. They may vary in their length; however, each community of practice will involve practical assignments related to the area of focus, opportunities to gain new knowledge, and a platform to engage in shared learning through discussions.

The first Parents as Teachers community of practice will provide an opportunity for supervisors to explore and practice the application of the tools found in the Supervisors Handbook, while engaging in peer discussions around their experiences.

Supervisor’s Toolbox: Using the Supervisor’s Handbook for Quality Implementation

Six one-hour sessions meeting every other Tuesday

August 13 – October 22

Registration will be open late June through O.L.I.V.E.R., and will be limited to 16 participants. Supervisors must have completed Foundational and Model Implementation training. A second community of practice, Reflective Supervision Toolkit: The Why, What and How of Reflective Supervision, will be available for supervisors later this year.

Parents as Teachers National Center is excited about the variety of learning opportunities that we are able to provide through O.L.I.V.E.R. We look forward to connecting with our Parents as Teachers family through communities of practice.