Target Fidelity Project

Thanks to the generosity of the Ballmer Group, the Implementation Support Team is afforded the opportunity to deepen affiliate support in achieving model fidelity. Parents as Teachers National Center launched the Target Fidelity Project (TFP) in January 2019 by inviting affiliates who missed 1–2 Essential Requirements on the 2017–2018 Affiliate Performance Report (APR).  Affiliates that accepted the TFP invitation, agreed to dig into their data on a monthly basis and review with their State Office or PATNC Implementation Support Provider. Every month, TFP affiliates analyzed their data to develop strategies and set goals to move the needle on their missed Essential Requirements. 

The TFP Pilot concluded after 25 weeks of implementation with 121 participating affiliates and 172 missed Essential Requirements. Through deepened support and monthly goal setting, 90% (155) of those missed Essential Requirements are reported as met!  We will able to learn the true impact of the Target Fidelity Project when the 2018–2019 APR results come in, but we are hopeful that this deepened support has assisted affiliates with model fidelity. 

Target Fidelity Project 2.0 will have two cohorts, the first beginning in November 2019 and the second in February 2020. Be on the lookout for an invitation from your State Office or National Center Implementation Support Provider!