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The Emmy Award-winning series that teaches STEM to an early childhood audience has an all-new series of free digital apps in Spanish and English—along with extensive supports for educators who work directly with families.

Research shows media can enhance children’s learning—especially when used with an adult and as a springboard to hands-on exploration. The new PEEP Family Science apps help families use educational technology at home in positive ways early in their child’s learning.

The PEEP Family Science series of apps were designed with parents in mind, especially those served by home visiting programs. They make it easy, rewarding, and fun for families to use a rich preschool science curriculum at home. Each app (shadows, ramps, colors, and sounds) comes in an easy-to-use app, downloadable from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

The apps combine animated stories from PEEP and the Big Wide World with related hands-on science activities. Each app also features parent videos that model how to engage children in the activities, along with parenting tips and prompts throughout, so parents can connect with their child’s learning every step of the way.

For Educators

PEEP Family Science is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of a variety of programs that support young families' learning. It offers a rich set of print and video resources, all of which can be accessed on PEEP's website.

R&D Team

PEEP Family Science was developed by WGBH and researchers from the Education Development Center. It was tested over a period of two years with nearly 200 diverse families from two long-established home visiting programs. Parents as Teachers national center is a dissemination partner. 

Testing revealed parents and educators alike found the apps engaging, easy-to-use, and fun. Parents reported their children absorbed new science skills and concepts and loved the videos and science activities.

Help families get their children off to a great start with PEEP Family Science!