You can bring Parents as Teachers training sessions to your city! Hosting a training can be cost-efficient for programs that have several professionals who need to be trained, or for programs that want to partner with other programs in their city. Core and Knowledge Studio trainings can be hosted onsite. Here are the requirements needed to host a training. *

  • Training room with wireless internet access and large bandwidth
  • Laptop with DVD player with speakers
  • Projector
  • Monitor or screen
  • Speakers or sound system
  • Three Power strips so participants can charge their laptops
  • Chart paper and stand
  • Tables for registration of training participants
  • Coffee, morning, and afternoon refreshments (optional)

*There are additional requirements that vary by training. 


The Parents as Teachers National Center will:

  • Send the trainer/trainers to the hosting site.
  • Ship the training materials to the training site. 

Contact Marilyn Kugman if you are interested in hosting a Foundational or Model Implementation training. 

Contract Mary Gallow if you are interested in hosting a Foundational 2 or Knowledge Studio training.