Affiliate Performance Reports Due August 15

Submitting your Affiliate Performance Report (APR) is the first step in the annual Essential Requirements Review and must be completed before you can pay your affiliate and individual renewal fees.

Once your APR is submitted on the portal your implementation support provider in your state or national office will spot-check the data for accuracy and complete your Essential Requirements Review. If your state or national implementation support provider finds possible errors in your data, they will return your APR by sending you an email with their questions.

Follow up with your implementation support provider as soon as possible to ensure timely completion of your Essential Requirements Review. Your affiliate will be notified of your affiliate status (Model, Provisional or Blue Ribbon) based on the results of the Essential Requirements Review and participation in the Quality Endorsement and Improvement Process.

Model, Provisional and Blue Ribbon affiliates are all considered to be in good standing when they submit the APR, pay their affiliate fee, and ensure that their parent educators renew their Model Certified subscriptions to the Parents as Teachers curriculum.

If you have questions, please contact your state or national office implementation support provider.