Penelope and O.L.I.V.E.R.

The Penelope training resources are now available in O.L.I.V.E.R. which is accessible from the Parents as Teachers portal. The newly rebuilt Guided Learning has been launched and can be accessed through the Penelope workspace in O.L.I.V.E.R. as well. This new format allows Penelope users to keep track of their learning and print certificates based on the completion of Guided Learning content.

In addition, O.L.I.V.E.R. lets Penelope users interact with each other through discussions, and share ideas about data-driven practice in the Penelope Group.  It has been exciting to watch users begin to explore this feature and connect with one another.


Penelope and the Quality Assurance (QA) Blueprint

Affiliates can use the QA Blueprint to track activities in their program and monitor fidelity to the Parents as Teachers Model. While this tool is available to all Affiliates, there is a version developed specifically for Penelope users. This tool prompts affiliates to run reports within Penelope, making it easier to monitor quality services and supervisory activities and allowing programs to make data-driven decisions about what is happening within their program.  

The QA Blueprint for Penelope can be found on the Model Implementation Workspace within O.L.I.V.E.R. on the “Supervisors” page.


Thinking about adopting Penelope?

If your affiliate is considering using Penelope for the 2018–2019 program year, this is a great time to start planning for the transition.  Visit the Adopting Penelope page for guidance on how your affiliate can gain access.


For more information on how Penelope facilitates data driven practice, and to watch a brief overview video, visit the Penelope Home page.


If you have questions, we are here to help!  Penelope specialists are available during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Central Time) to help you.