Parents as Teachers is an Approved Model for Federal Home Visiting

View slides for the Supporting States in Developing Plans for the Federal Home Visiting Initiative webinar here.


The Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program is designed to strengthen and improve programs and coordination of services for at-risk communities and to improve outcomes for those families. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) see home visiting as one of several strategies embedded in a quality early childhood system that promotes maternal, infant and early childhood health, safety and development, as well as strong parent-child relationships.


Parents as Teachers provides a broad context of parenting education and family support, and building protective factors, especially for those families in vulnerable situations. At its core, Parents as Teachers is relationship-based and parenting-focused. Our approach and curriculum focus on parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting, and family well-being; on strengths, capabilities and skills; and on building protective factors within the family. Parents as Teachers serves a range of families with high needs—not just first time parents, pregnant parents or teen parents—and offers services throughout the continuum from prenatal to kindergarten entry.

A newly revised curriculum means Parents as Teachers is well positioned to demonstrate success and document model fidelity. This curriculum features an increased emphasis on evidence-based practices for working with vulnerable populations and a strengthened home visiting model with a heightened focus on quality.

Resources to help with updated state plans


Identifying outcomes

See the expected outcomes from the Parents as Teachers approach in this logic model.


Meeting the needs of targeted communities

Communities can use the Parents as Teachers Readiness Reflection to assess their readiness for implementation.


Planning affiliate implementation

Use this guide to help you in completing your Affiliate Plan [download].


Meeting benchmarks

See how Parents as Teachers curriculum matches up with MIECHV benchmarks here.


Building a budget for implementation

Use this interactive budget tool to help build a start-up budget for year one and an ongoing budget for successive years here. (Note: see all 3 tabs)


Template language

The Supplemental Information Request (SIR) for state home visiting plans outlines nine sections of required narrative in updated plans. Parents as Teachers has crafted language around each of these sections to support you as you write your narrative.


Process of approval for MIECHV state agency to implement the Parents as Teachers model

  • Read the Essential Requirements.
  • Contact Parents as Teachers national office to discuss budget development and quality implementation of the model.
  • Receive approval letter from Parents as Teachers National Center.
  • The Parents as Teachers office will need five business days to review submitted plans and produce the approval letter, so please factor this into your timeline.


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