Foundational 2 Training and Curriculum

Foundational 2 Training

This interactive, face-to-face training gives participants a better understanding of what it means to partner, facilitate and reflect with parents whose children are growing in independence and abilities as they approach school entry. It includes topics such as approaches to learning, neuroscience, child development, developmental concerns, transitions to early care and education and family engagement.

To find out more about the training dates and prices, please visit the online Class Schedule.

If you don’t see a training near you and are interested in learning how to bring a training to your city, contact Marilyn Kugman at

Foundational 2 Curriculum: 3 Years Through Kindergarten

The Foundational 2 Curriculum: 3 Years Through Kindergarten is a continuation of the Parents as Teachers approach for those serving families with children ages 3 to 6. The digital book is similar in structure to the Foundational Curriculum, with hundreds of parent educator resources, parent handouts and activity pages around:

  • Child Development
  • Parenting Behaviors
  • Parent-Child Interaction
  • Development-Centered Parenting
  • Family Well-Being

It also includes additional web-based features and embedded videos that support parent educators’ knowledge and skill development around this exciting and dynamic age group.

There are a couple of paths to curriculum access. Those who hold a current membership subscription and have been trained in the Born to Learn Curriculum 3 Years to Kindergarten Entry or attended a Foundational 2 Training received access starting in the fall of 2014. Retraining is not required.

New users who have already attended a Foundational Training must attend the two-day Foundational 2 Training. (Because the three-day Foundational Training is a prerequisite, those new to the Parents as Teachers approach would need to attend both trainings.)